At Davis Auto, we truly excel at customer service…and although that may seem cliché, it’s what separates us from used other auto parts stores.

Damon and Dianne Davis

Damon Davis has been in the auto salvage business since he was a boy. At just 13, he went to work as a parts puller in his uncle’s salvage yard. After high school he went to work at Freeman’s Hwy 66 Salvage in Joplin. For the next 21 years he learned every aspect of a modern auto salvage operation. From yard man to dismantler to warehouse manager and then to counter sales and general manager, Damon mastered it all.

Damon has served the industry as both a multi-term Regional Director for the recycling industry’s national organization (ARA) the Automotive Recyclers Association in addition to serving as a board member of the Missouri Auto and Truck Recycler’s Association (MATR).

In February 2006, Damon and his wife, Dianne, started their own auto business. With Damon’s experience in auto salvage business management and Dianne’s background in both accounting and advertising, Davis Auto was ready to open and grow.

Davis Auto isn’t quite the “traditional” auto salvage. We warehouse all our parts, both used and new after-market, and do not keep any of the vehicle bodies on site. Each vehicle is processed to ARA’s exacting environmental standards. After all fluids are recovered and saleable parts are pulled each vehicle body is then sold for scrap.

In addition to a large and ever-growing selection of quality, guaranteed used auto parts, we also have 1,000 new radiators and 300 new condensers in stock for nearly every repair application. If we don’t have what you need in stock then we can usually find what you need through our large network of auto recyclers and new-aftermarket parts distributors.

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Occupational Airbag Inflatable Restraint Education

OAIRE, Inc. (Occupational Airbag Inflatable Restraint Education)

Nov 2003 - Completed training and certification on advanced restraint systems and proper handling of airbag hazardous waste.

Automotive Recyclers Association

ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association)

2006-2009 - Served as a national member of the Fluid Study Committee. This committee's sole purpose was to research and standardize "best practices" for comprehensive fluid recovery in the automotive recycling industry.

2005-2006 - Served as a Regional Director for the automotive recycling industry's national association

Missouri Auto and Truck Recyclers

MATR (Missouri Auto and Truck Recyclers)

2006-2009 - Served as a board member for our state's automotive recyclers association

Mobile Air Conditioning Society

MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society)

Dec 1991, completed training and certification by the on proper refrigerant recovery and recycling in relation to automotive dismantling